The Perfect Platform High Heels for Autumn and Winter Brides

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You know that feeling a killer pair of high heel platform shoes gives you? You radiate confidence. It’s in how you walk, how you hold yourself. You…just…know. If you’ve got the shoes on lock, the rest of the outfit will follow. And the one day you absolutely know you want to slay that shoe game is your wedding day!

Setting the scene

Once you’ve gotten past the whole thrill and whirlwind of the engagement, you’ll have some pretty big decisions to make…the Autumn or Winter venue, the flowers, the bridesmaids and Maid of Honor, hair and makeup, and of course the dress. But one of the biggest and most important decisions for your day has got to be the shoes! As shoe-lovers, we can all admit the rush we feel when we buy high heel shoes. And when we buy the right pair of high heel platform shoes, well, we can feel downright invincible. On your wedding day above all other days, you want that magical feeling the right shoes can give you. You want to feel sexy, fierce, playful, and unequivocally unforgettable. And it all starts with the shoes.

The importance of the perfect high heel wedding shoes

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Traditionally, high heel wedding shoes were only available in standard white, and standard sizes. Basically, standard boring. Now, how is a full range of magnificent divas and queens supposed to style their wedding look around that? No matter how you identify, everyone deserves to feel sexy, feminine and powerful on their wedding day.

Tajna Shoes was created to help all genders, all shapes, and all sizes celebrate their beauty and individuality. We specialize in handmade, customizable options for everyone, everywhere. Bespoke, down to the last sexy, stunning detail. The rest of your wedding day is going to be exactly as you dreamed…so why should your high heel wedding shoes be any different?

Tall, elegant and playful, your chosen pair of platform wedding shoes will be a picture-perfect dream. Elongating your legs and adding a final splash of sophistication to your wedding dress, platform high heels guarantee beautiful wedding photos.

Styling your wedding shoe moment

Let’s talk styles. You will definitely want the extra height and confidence that platform wedding shoes can give you, especially for the thousands of pictures that will capture every moment of your special day. We all know that shoes can make or break any outfit, but none more so than a wedding dress. No matter how much time and thought you put into the dress, if the shoes bite or pinch, if they are flimsy or poorly made, it’s going to show on your face. And guess what? It’s going to show in every single one of those pictures too. The right platform high heels immediately change not only how you stand and how you walk, but how your dress or outfit will fall and flow. No matter if your choice of wedding attire is tea-length, full-length, midi, ball gown, A-line, jumpsuit, or suit and tie, a fierce platform will make you look and feel regal, sexy, and every bit the show-stopper you are.

Unique wedding shoes for your unique Autumn or Winter event

An Autumn or Winter wedding is an ideal time to play with textures, shimmer and colours. This time of year conjures up visions of rich, warm hues, deep jewel tones, golden shades, crisp creams, and glittering whites. But what if you’re going for a more unconventional wedding look? Goth, ethereal, exotic, sexy, steampunk, seductive? Not a problem! Our craftsmen at Tajna can take your shoe vision and make it a reality, for your wedding day, or any day. We have a full range of colour and material options, and we make each pair of high heel wedding shoes to fit your exact foot size and shape. If you have visions of platform stilettos, extreme high heel shoes, or even platform knee-high boots, nothing is off limits. In fact, the only limit is your own imagination.

Of course, Autumn also welcomes one of the most imaginative, sexy, anything-goes celebrations of all. For those lucky enough to be planning a Halloween wedding or mega costume bash, the shoe world is your oyster, baby! The festivities of this time of year mean that there really is no limit to the style (or the height) of the platform…straps, lace-up, studded, glittered, jewelled, patent, feather, lace or leather. It’s all good, girl!

You deserve the luxury of bespoke high heels

On your wedding day, or any day, you deserve the confidence, empowerment, sexy, flirty, luxury feel that quality, handmade, bespoke high heels can bring. No matter your gender or your look, Tajna Shoes can create a high heel platform as unique as you. Using only quality materials and reinforced steel heels, our shoes are made to love and to last. Just contact us and we can start designing your dream platform wedding shoes together.

When you’re ready to buy platform shoes, Tajna is ready for you! Until then, stay tuned for our Halloween edit – featuring a special collection of show-stopping platform high heels for one of the most fantastic events of the year.

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