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Light Pink Satin Strap Bridal Chunky Platform Shoes

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Excellent choice for your wedding. 

Small and Big sizes are also available. 13 cm, 16 cm, 19 cm heel heights

Inside of our shoes is genuine leather, to prevent odor, provide durability and comfort wearing.

All heels are reinforced with steel material and are long-lasting.

You can also ask our shoes in different colors and height. Please inquire or write your color - height choices in the notes part, at check out. 

Made in Turkey.

We are not responsible for any problems you may experience due to high heel heights.

Heel heights may vary few cms according to your feet size.

In Tajna Club, all shoes are made to order. We use this chance to  adjust each shoe according to our customer’s individual foot proportions.


For a perfect fit, please do the measurements, according to the explanations below, and indicate them in the note section of your order at check out.


Foot Length:

Foot Length

  1. Gather paper, a pencil, and a ruler or a  tape measure.
  2. Sit down on a chair and place the paper on the floor.
  3. Place one foot on the paper and allow it to rest naturally.
  4. Holding the pencil perfectly vertically and perpendicular to the paper, mark the longest toe (generally the big toe) and the back of the heel, by tracing a line as closely as possible. It is important not to angle the pencil in or out.
  5. Using the ruler, measure the distance between the two lines that you traced, meaning the distance from the toe to the heel.

Instep Perimeter Length:

 Taking the Instep Length

  1. Measure the widest part of your foot as shown in the picture, by wrapping a measuring tape around it. If there’s a bone deformity on the foot, wrap the tape around that area. 
  2. It is better to use a measuring tape, to measure the instep perimeter. If you don't have one, you can use a rope to warp around your foot once and then measure the length of the rope with a ruler.


Measuring foot and leg for shoes

Ankle Perimeter Length:

  1. If you are ordering boots, taking the measure of your ankle perimeter, as indicated in the picture above as number 5, will be useful for a better fit.
  2. Wrap measuring tape around your ankle and take the measure.

Calf Perimeter Length:

  1. If you are ordering long boots, measurement of your calf as indicated with number 6 in the picture above, is needed.
  2. Wrap measuring tape around the largest part of your leg, between your knee and your ankle and take the measure. Don’t wrap the measuring tape too tight.

Thigh Perimeter Length:

  1. If you’re ordering an over-the-knee boot, then you should measure the perimeter of the part of your leg, that you would like the boot to finish. It is indicated with number 9 and 10 on the picture. You may decide on any area over your knee.
  2. Wrap measuring tape around your thigh (where you want the boot to finish) and take the measure. Don’t wrap the measuring tape too tight.

Boot Length:

Especially for over-the-knee / thigh-high boots, take the measure from your thigh (where you want the boot to finish), to your heel.


Thank you!

All shoes are hand-made to order. Please allow us up to  7 - 15 business days for production.

Your shoes will be shipped as soon as they are ready.

We offer free standard shipping worldwide. You can ask for an express delivery for an additional fee.

The delivery time for standard shipping is 10 to 20 business days and for express shipping is 1- 4 business days depending on your location. 

We are unable to deal with custom regulations for each country due to process of law.  Please do note that we cannot interfere your custom regulations in your country. 

In cases of errors or delays caused by the shipping carrier, we will help to resolve the dispute to the best of our ability, yet we will not be held responsible or liable for any delays or losses caused by the shipping carrier. Due to delays caused by shipping carrier's office hours in national holidays by countries we will not be held responsible.

For further information, please view our  Terms and Condition page.

Thank you!

Tajna Club Shoe Size Chart
Custom Colour

You can directly order the same color shown in the photos , or you can order the same shoes in any other color you want. Just type the color you wish in notes section at checkout

Custom Made High Heel Shoe Colour Options Fabrics
Custom Made High Heel Shoe Colour Options Fabrics

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Every day is a magical day so you should look dazzling but also be comfortable enough to feel gorgeous all day long. Our extensive collections and made-to-order services are probably what you're looking for.

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You should stand tall while being comfortable with our %100 Turkish Handmade Heels. Also it is free shipping worldwide.  Let's enjoy together our world of High Heels.